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Roundup® is still at the forefront of weed control

Farmers are working harder than ever before, with less hands doing more work. Technology is helping maintain productivity, but as always, timing in agriculture is critical, so graziers and growers turn to products they can trust. Backed by extensive research and development, Roundup ULTRA® MAX offers the technology edge demanded by today‚Äôs growers and producers.



the strongest knockdown herbicide

Commercial 20 minute rainfast offer*

The powerful surfactant system in Roundup ULTRA MAX delivers faster uptake into weeds. This is supported by our 20 minute commercial rainfast offer, when used with an approved penetrant.

wide range of tank mix options

Quality you can trust

Every drum of Roundup ULTRA MAX is made to the highest standards. Monsanto controls the manufacturing process from start to finish and ensure it is certified. Higher manufacturing standards than regulations require, and tough test protocols relating to stability, consistency and surfactant, ensure you get the highest quality every time.

allows you to get crop in faster

flexible paddock management

In farming, timing is everything. With Roundup ULTRA MAX, sprayed paddocks can be grazed, cultivated or drilled just one day after spraying for annual weeds and three days for perennial weeds. This minimises down time between renovation and stock rotation or prior to planting crops.

sow close to rain

rapid uptake & brownout

The powerful surfactant system in Roundup ULTRA MAX ensures rapid penetration into the plant, delivering a faster brown out and quicker translocation to the root.


roundup ultra max
570g/L GLYPHOSATE (present as the potassium salt)

Formerly Roundup TRANSORB X, this is the latest in Roundup technology. Roundup ULTRA MAX has 570g/L glyphosate present as the potassium salt. This powerful formulation gives you complete control of tough weeds, less weed escapes, cleaner paddocks with fewer drums required. It is also supported by our 20 minute commercial rainfast offer* when used with an approved penetrant.

* Roundup ULTRA MAX, when used in tank mixtures with an approved penetrant, should deliver commercially acceptable weed control even if moderate rain occurs just 20 daylight minutes after spraying. Sinochem Australia will replace up to 100% of your initial use amount of Roundup ULTRA MAX for re-treatment if a commercially acceptable weed control result is not achieved. For enquiries, visit Roundupag.co.nz. This offer is in addition to other rights available to the consumer under the law. The product label should be consulted before use of Roundup ULTRA MAX and where required seek professional advice.

Roundup Renew

Roundup Renew provides excellent weed control across a wide spectrum of applications, including aquatic areas. It protects against an extensive range of annual and perennial weeds, and brushweed. When used with an approved penetrant, rainfast coverage can be achieved in as little as 30 minutes.



Roundup 360 PRO

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